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How bad are the ArcheAge queue problems?
MichaelAnswered by: Michael, An Expert in the MMORPGs Category

Since ArcheAge's North American and European launch on September 16th, a storm of excited gamers have downloaded ArcheAge only to see long, agonizing login queues reaching well pas...

Why is it Nintendo fun never tires?
BlakeAnswered by: Blake, An Expert in the Retro Systems Category

After all these years, my original Nintendo is still my favorite and go to resource for casual video game play. Other consoles, recent and throughout the years are both entertainin...

What happened at E3 2014?
WillAnswered by: Will, An Expert in the About Gaming Culture Category

Many people may be wondering what happened at E3 2014 this year. Many people also like to know who won E3 2014. Well here I am hoping to explain what happened. In my opinion Ninte...