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How do I set up a coupon binder?
BrandiAnswered by: Brandi, An Expert in the Couponing Basics Category

With soaring gas prices, layoffs,and hiring freezes becoming a common theme on the nightly news, many people are looking for any way to squeeze a penny. It’s no wonder coupon use ...

How to save money while shopping?
TabithaAnswered by: Tabitha, An Expert in the About Clothing Category

Everyone loves to save money while shopping. There is nothing better than finding that perfect fit of jeans, or a top that flatters because it is a fabulous shade of blue, and look...

How do you find great bargains?
SharylAnswered by: Sharyl, An Expert in the Tips for Shopping Category

Everyone is looking to find great bargains these days with the economy on its back. Women are not the only ones soul searching the city, towns and neighborhoods for the best deals....