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What is Guild Wars 2?
MarkAnswered by: Mark, An Expert in the Games - A to Z of All Games Category

Guild Wars 2 is already making some tremors just below our feet lately. I’ve been reading a lot about Guild Wars 2 and there are surely lots of great potentials. It’s not just a re...

Why should I buy a PS3 gaming system?
MichaelAnswered by: Michael, An Expert in the PS3 Info Category

You should buy a PS3 general gaming system because it does everything, from jumping on youtube to playing blu-ray disc movies. Its the best in gaming experince with its free online...

What are role playing games?
cyndiAnswered by: cyndi, An Expert in the Strategy and RPGs Category

RPG stands for role playing game. Many games will fall into this category, but before we discuss that let's talk about what make a game a rpg game. Rpg games are different from oth...