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How do you prevent puppy chewing?
CameronAnswered by: Cameron, An Expert in the Dogs - General Category

Stopping Puppies from Chewing There are few things more frustrating than trying to prevent puppy chewing. Not only can a puppy’s chewing habits cause damage to potentially valuabl...

Why Discipline Your Horse?
AmandaAnswered by: Amanda, An Expert in the Training Your Horse Category

One common problem that often arises when starting out with horses is discipline. Do you really need to discipline your horse, or would it just be cruel to him? When it comes ...

Who doesn't love cats?
JamieAnswered by: Jamie, An Expert in the Cats - General Category

Your domesticated feline is more than just a calmer jungle cat. He/she is also a best friend. At times all they seem to do is bug for more food and their special needs. However, wh...