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What are mom style clothes?
SamanthaAnswered by: Samantha, An Expert in the Artists and Styles Category

Last summer, my best friend and my Goddaughter, Trinity, accompanied me on a business day trip. Trinity had just turned four and was especially well-behaved on the trip. So, before...

What are some top anime shows to watch?
LaurenAnswered by: Lauren, An Expert in the Top Anime Category

Anime! I absolutely love it. I know it's hard to choose between the ones you want to see. You get recommendations, then you see shows that look interesting and next thing you know,...

What is mall bangs hair?
Chad Answered by: Chad , An Expert in the 1980s Culture Category

It takes about ten years for the fashion sense of a generation to get hit with the realization that what they once deemed so hip has tragically become the butt of a joke for decade...