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What makes great comic book characters
DanielAnswered by: Daniel, An Expert in the Characters Category

Comic books and characters have seen an incredible resurgence in popularity in the 21st century. After the comic book crash of the early 1990’s, some thought the decades-old medium...

How To Beat Writer's Block
NaomiAnswered by: Naomi, An Expert in the Writer's Block Category

It's a phrase all writers know and dread. Writer's block. There you are, happily working away on your latest magnum opus, when disaster strikes. Like a black cloud across the sun, ...

What are the nexts authors to read?
GillianAnswered by: Gillian, An Expert in the Authors Category

We live in a very fast society, where everything depends on the internet these days. Before the internet, libraries were the place to be to seek out which authors to read. Don't de...