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How do I write a short story?
RachelAnswered by: Rachel, An Expert in the Write Short Stories Category

Writing short stories is more difficult than it seems before you try it. If you read a lot of short stories, you know how simple a good short story can seem. But in the same way a ...

What are the Best Comic Book Movies
JustinAnswered by: Justin, An Expert in the Movies Category

The modern box-office is oversaturated with comic book adaptations. It seems as though there’s a new superhero movie released each and every week. At this rate, it’s difficult to m...

Are Toddlers Little Kids Or?
JasAnswered by: Jas, An Expert in the Ages 0-3 Category

The mystery of toddler behavior is something that is a real mystery to most. However, there are very real reasons for it, and these reasons are why toddlers do the strange things t...