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What are the Best Comic Book Movies
JustinAnswered by: Justin, An Expert in the Movies Category

The modern box-office is oversaturated with comic book adaptations. It seems as though there’s a new superhero movie released each and every week. At this rate, it’s difficult to m...

Are Toddlers Little Kids Or?
JasAnswered by: Jas, An Expert in the Ages 0-3 Category

The mystery of toddler behavior is something that is a real mystery to most. However, there are very real reasons for it, and these reasons are why toddlers do the strange things t...

How Do You Get Over Writer's Block?
SierraAnswered by: Sierra, An Expert in the Writer's Block Category

Today’s the day. You’re going to start writing that story that’s been festering in your head, desperate to get onto the paper. It’s the piece that is going to get you to the top. Y...