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Review of Uni Fine 4
AndrewAnswered by: Andrew, An Expert in the Gaming and Reviews Category

It is not often that a game comes along that makes us question the very foundation of what a game really is. Whether you consider video games to be a form of art or just a way to e...

How do I do better DPS in WoW?
MichaelAnswered by: Michael, An Expert in the WoW Category

If you are asking this question, it is safe to say that you feel as if you're not playing your class to its potential. Dealing damage, in World of Warcraft, can be very easy on the...

Do videogames count as art?
TimAnswered by: Tim, An Expert in the All Things Video Games Category

The videogame industry has been engulfed in a huge debate over whether videogames count as art. It took movies years to reach the point that the mainstream finally began to conside...