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Being 19 I would know, what?
muneezaAnswered by: muneeza, An Expert in the Ages and Phases Category

Being 19 i would know that it is both terrific and maddening. I have been 19 for a year now (almost) and I've come to realize that this has been the hardest of my teen years. There...

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How to use Chrome?
ConorAnswered by: Conor, An Expert in the Internet Basics Category

You've finally decided to drop Internet Explorer and use Google Chrome. The problem is that you have no clue what any of this does. In this quick guide I will show you how to use C...

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How to Get more dates
VenusAnswered by: Venus, An Expert in the The Dating Game Category

It's no secret, the creation of the internet has changed the dating game indefinitely. While there are many advantages to this fact, they are often hidden behind the daunting task ...

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What are some top anime shows to watch?
LaurenAnswered by: Lauren, An Expert in the Top Anime Category

Anime! I absolutely love it. I know it's hard to choose between the ones you want to see. You get recommendations, then you see shows that look interesting and next thing you know,...

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